Everyone involved in the making of Standard Action is a geek in some way, and we all take part in the wider community of geekery. So, we all have our favourite blogs, sites, webcomics, webseries’, and otherwise that you’d probably enjoy, if you like Standard Action. Here is a list of a few. A lot of us are also gamers at heart, so I’ve included links to some of the online games we play, too. If you’d like to join our list, send us an email at watchstandardaction@gmail.com, and we’ll consider a link exchange!


4Villains – Rejected by the villainous mainstream, four inept supervillains form a hilarious, bumbling team. Shot and Produced in Victoria, BC.

The Guild – An independent sitcom web series about a group of online gamers, starring Felicia Day.

The Legend of Neil – A comedy series based on The Legend of Zelda, starring Tony Janning.

Journey Quest – A fantasy comedy web series from the creators of “The Gamers” and “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.”

Hitman 101 – Okay, maybe not wholeheartedly geeky, but an absolutely fantastic show by creator Scott Staven and starring Georgie Daburas.

Divine: the Series – A horror webseries by Ivan Hayden, starring Misha Collins and Standard Action alumnus Alan Sawkins!

Aidan 5 – A no-budget sci-fi series with amazingly creative visuals and an innovative storyline.

Brothers Barbarian – A comedy about two barbarians cursed with untimely old age.

Glitch – A fantastically nerdy show about video game elements leaking into real life, created by Tyler Hill and starring Jesse Lee Keeter.

Gold: The Series – A moving, engaging D&D-based drama… hard to pull off, and these guys do it!

The Collectibles – Superheroes meet Office Space!

Transolar Galactica – Awesome spinoff of every sci-fi show you’ve ever watched.


Kobold Quarterly – Everyone loves Kobolds, right? Yeah they do. Kobold Quarterly is a gamer magazine with interviews, articles, and gaming content for every tabletop roleplayer or gaming group. They have a new dark fantasy campaign setting coming out this summer called Midgard, which looks incredibly comprehensive and fascinating, and they offer design commissions – get that adventure you’ve been planning for years down on paper!

Alaska Robotics – Alaska Robotics does everything from great geeky, intelligent webcomics to funky t-shirts to short films. They’re just a bunch of creative dudes who come up with really fascinating, entertaining stuff. You should definitely check them out.

Topless Robot – Awesomely nerdy blog covering everything from fan videos to comic books, Star Wars to the randomly bizarre. Topless Robot is a way to burn through hours and hours of free time.

WWdN: In Exile – Wil Wheaton says: Don’t be a Dick. For all you Star Trek fans out there, you’ll remember Wil Wheaton as boy wonder Wesley Crusher. But man, has he turned into a force to be reckoned with in Geekdom as a writer, webeseries star, and blogger extraordinaire. Having lunch with this man is something I must do before I die. Read his blog and you’ll understand.


Order of the Stick – A fantasy role playing oriented comic strip written by Rich Burlew. Features an adventuring party of stick figure characters – hilarious.

Goblins – In this webcomic, a tribe of goblins decide to start adventuring, with equally wacky and serious results. Written by Tarol Hunt.

Erfworld – A webcomic based around a gamer who falls into a fantasy gaming world, and can’t get home. Written by Robert T. Balder.

DM of the Rings – A hilarious webcomic based around screencaptures from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, in which the characters in the movie are characters in a D&D campaign. Produced by Twenty-Sided, a.k.a. Shamus Young, who posts a lot of other great stuff as well.


Pathfinder RPG – Currently our favourite tabletop RPG of choice! A fantastic refinement of the D&D 3.5 system. There are also local Pathfinder Society groups that celebrate Pathfinder, and get people involved in this great game.

League of Legends – A free-to-play online multiplayer action-strategy game.

Lord of the Rings Online – A free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game in which players get to live the Tolkein saga.

Star Wars: Old Republic – A now-free MMO role-playing game, heavy on the story elements and fantastic voice acting. Plus, you get to be a Jedi.

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