Some exciting words from Thunder Frog Studios on the development of the Standard Action webcomic!

Thunder Frog Studios is a Seattle-based independent comics publisher that was founded in 2003. We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Standard Action. We will be producing a new web comic series that will explore Season 1 of this groundbreaking fantasy web series in greater detail and bring to light areas of the story that fans have, so far, only been able to guess at. We will be developing not only the story of our main cast of characters but fans will also receive a much broader view of the greater world of Standard Action. The lives of characters you might have thought of only as minor players in the overall story will be explored and more than a few surprises will be revealed. Please keep an eye out on the Standard Action Facebook Page and website for more announcements as the world premiere of this new series approaches.

The Creative Team:

John Huckbody

John is a student of the prestigious comic art program of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and one of many great artists that we discovered in our talent search. John is co-penciler on the project and will be drawing the second half of Chapter 1 & Chapters 4 and 5. We will be posting his concept work for Standard Action but you can see more of his excellent work on his website.

MartinJohnHuckbody Wendy: by JohnHuckbody
FernandoJohnHuckbody EddaJohnHuckbody

Kodi Enetanya

Kodi is an artist that lives in the city of Kent, WA, right in our own back yard. He was the second artist to be chosen from our talent search and we are very lucky to have him working on Standard Action. He will be drawing the first half of Chapter 1 and Chapters 2 & 3.

Fernando Wendy
Edda Martin

Woody Arnold

Woody is a Managing Editor at Thunder Frog and the writer on the Standard Action comic. Having discovered the show shortly after the release of the final episode he was immediately hooked. Woody is also an expert Game Master with more than 20 years of experience running role playing games of all kinds and in a wide variety of genres; qualifications that are serving him well when adapting a show based on fantasy RPGs to the comics medium.

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